About Jabulani


                    Hi! My name is Jeanette Silver. I'm an Occupational Therapist who graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal in Durban, South Africa in December 1995 & was then recruited as a traveling Occupational Therapist to work in the USA in August of 1996. During my employment as a traveling therapist, I was able to obtain a variety of experience, in nursing homes, hospital settings, as well as a 3-year placement in a special needs school in Memphis. It was then that I realized what area I wanted to work in as an OT- pediatrics. The determination & delight these children shared when accomplishing small victories were contagious.

                    In the Fall of 2001, my husband & I moved to North Carolina with our growing family, where I found permanent positions in different pediatric clinics, as well as spending time in the homes & preschools of the under 3-year-old population. I’ve had firsthand experience observing parents & loved ones tirelessly caring for their children, advocating for them & helping them overcome challenges. This has humbled me as I’ve realized that, as the therapist, I just have a small part to play in each child’s journey, & that working together with the parents, caregivers, & other team members are crucial in helping a child reach his greatest potential.

                    In September 2009 I decided to ‘step out’ & start Jabulani Kids Pediatric Therapy with the encouragement & support of my husband. Since our ‘roots’ are in South Africa, we wanted to choose a name which reflects our heritage. ‘Jabulani’ (jah boo LAH nee) is a Zulu word meaning 'rejoice', ‘come to bring happiness to everybody’ or ‘we are happy’. Zulu is one of the national languages spoken in the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa where we grew up.

                   My mission is to empower children with special needs & to inspire their parents to have hope and to believe that anything is possible. Every child is born with God-given potential. We are surrounded by so much discouragement: ‘if only’, ‘this is all your child will amount to’, but the truth is that nobody (except God) knows what the future holds for our little ones.

                   In 2014 we were able to establish our a clinic in the ‘center of the universe’- Kernersville, NC. Since then our team has grown to include several OT & non-OT staff members who are like-minded in their vision- to bring freedom & joy to our kiddos & their families. Our atmosphere is especially relaxed & friendly, in an effort to make all children & families feel welcome in our ‘home’. We love to group children together in therapy to facilitate bonds between, not only the kiddos but their parents & caregivers too. Watching children & parents bringing support & friendship to each other is one of our greatest pleasures. Hope is shared & there is plenty of reason to ‘rejoice!’

Matthew 19:14
But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”