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How it all started

I was attracted to the OT field while watching pediatric OT’s at a school for children with cerebral palsy in South Africa where I lived. Seeing their passion in giving freedom to these children whose bodies limited their independence, sparked a desire in me, that has only grown into a wildfire through the years! My husband and I moved to the States in 1996 with a traveling therapy company, with plans of being here for a couple years. Well, as God would have it, we are now naturalized citizens with 3 American children. I stepped out and started Jabulani Kids in 2009, after having worked in several local pediatric clinics, focusing on early intervention in the homes. In 2014, we opened our present clinic in Kernersville, NC, adding more OT & non-OT staff to our Jabulani Family.

My vision, as we grow, is for us to never lose our down-to-earth, personalized approach, valuing each child & family that we serve; connecting families to each other & to resources available; lifting the burdens & stress, so that there’s more joy and happiness in their lives- Jabulani! (Zulu translation- Rejoice!)

Meet Our Team

Jeanette Silver
President, OTR/L

I love what I get to do and be a part of everyday- helping children and families conquer little & big challenges, & helping them realize their God-given potential. Whether it's a little one with hemiplegia moving his arm to activate a toy for the first time, or a child sucking from a straw and munching on solid food, or a school-aged child making connections with new friends in therapy. We get to help facilitate change in many areas of these children's lives, and parents are in turn empowered, as they lead their children through childhood into adulthood.

Charity Byrum

Occupational therapy is the best job ever! We get to look at the whole person and help them thrive in what they need and want to do. It is a huge blessing to help kids and families succeed in their daily lives! I believe that no matter what challenges a person may face, they are uniquely gifted and as an occupational therapist it is my joy to help unlock those gifts and abilities. No two days or sessions are alike and I love being able to combine science and creativity every day. The most exciting part of my job is being able to see the kids meet their goals and flourish.

Danielle Nystrom

I have always been attracted to the field of occupational therapy and the wide range of skills within our scope of practice. I love that it is patient centered, life changing, science focused, and creative. I get to enhance the lives of my kids and their families through real life experiences such as play, crafts, social interaction, and activities of daily living. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling, fun, or exciting career! I love the aha-moment in the clinic as a child is able to complete a task for the first time, but I love when parents tell me that what I am doing is making a difference in the home even more. It is a privilege to be in these children’s lives at such a young age and get to be a small part of what shapes them into the adult that they will become!

Laura Flaherty

Let me start off with I LOVE my job! Every day is full of its own challenges & no 2 kids are the same. I love working in occupational therapy because we get to treat the whole person & address what is most important to him or her. My favorite part of the job is being able to form bonds & relationships with the children & parents I work with and to see them grow in skill and confidence.
I’m excited to see the new research coming out that supports what we have been doing in OT for years & how that will help move our profession forward & in new directions.

Brittany Balduf

I've always been drawn to the healthcare field & discovering Occupational Therapy opened up a whole new world to me. I was immediately drawn to this field because we get to treat the whole person & really focus on what is meaningful and valuable to their lives. Working in the pediatric field has allowed me to work with an extremely diverse population- this has its challenges, but has pushed me to become a better therapist. One of my favorite aspects of my job is being able to connect with parents/caregivers & help them find tools & strategies to help their child. Being able to play a small role in helping children overcome adversity & reach milestones is such a privilege.

Meredith bell Clark

I have always loved working with children in creative and nurturing settings - ranging from preschool camps to art programs in children's hospitals. I believe in serving others in a compassionate, caring, and creative way, and I especially love that Occupational Therapy allows for individualized treatment based on what is most important to a family. As the mother of a former micropreemie with additional needs, I have a unique perspective of being both a therapist and a parent advocating for my daughter. With this experience, I believe that empowered, supported, and involved parents and caregivers can make the ultimate difference in day to day achievements of these special kids we are blessed to work with!

Angela Bowman

Occupational therapy is a science-based therapy that focuses on the use of “occupations” to facilitate health and independence. One of the main occupations of childhood is play, so therapy is always fun and centered around the child’s desire to play, socialize and learn independent skills. No matter the size of the success, each success means the world to the child, the family and the therapist! I am humbly honored to be a part of that process for each child I treat and their families.
In addition to treating our clients, Angie is also helping with the referral process; assisting our Office Manager with other administrative duties, and being a support to staff and families alike.

Yolanda Fisher
Facility Assistant

Yolanda recently joined our team as one of the most essential staff members. She cleans everything therapists and children have touched in therapy immediately after use, including toys, surfaces and fabric equipment. Yolanda makes it possible for therapists and office staff to do what they’re good at- ultimately providing improved, safer services to our kiddos. She ‘owns’ her job well- with high personal standards and a smile on her face!

Toi Olsen
Chief Executive Officer & Office Manager

Toi is the backbone of Jabulani Kids. Her job entails billing and insurance duties; scheduling and staffing responsibilities; as well as making ‘behind the scenes’ decisions, while communicating with the president and CFO of Jabulani. She is the ‘mama bear’ of our kiddos, ensuring that each child and family is handled with the respect and care that reflects Jabulani Kids values.

Andrew Silver
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is seldom seen at Jabulani, but much of the beautiful facilities and equipment were constructed or supplied by him. He has had many roles throughout the years since Jabulani Kids’ inception- including cleaning, billing, handy-man and technology-guru. Besides his main job of making sure the business is in order financially, he is the greatest supporter of the vision and values that Jabulani Kids represents.

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