Our Services

Our Services

Children are evaluated and treated in the clinic setting and/or through telehealth online.

Hygiene standards are enforced by the presence of a full-time facility assistant, who cleans and sanitizes anything that has been touched immediately after use. Any fabric equipment (e.g. tunnels, swings) is cleaned in our on-site washer and dryer. Air purifiers have been installed in each therapy room.

Anyone entering the clinic has their temperature taken and uses hand sanitizer. All staff, adults and many of the children wear masks.

Telehealth therapy is provided through our Google Meet platform which is HIPPA compliant.

What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

A profession that helps a child become more independent in his/her daily occupations.

A child’s occupations could include:


Exploring his environment (people, objects and places) to learn through play.


Accepting and exploring a variety of textures and tastes of food. Taking bites, chewing, clearing his mouth safely. Drinking safely.

Social Participation

Interacting with family, peers, others. Participating in group settings with peers.


  • Un/dressing

  • Hair care

  • Bathing

  • Tooth-brushing

  • Toileting


  • Handwriting/Keyboarding

  • Specific fine motor skills

  • Staying put to attend

  • Multi-step tasks

  • Organizational and Memory Skills

Community Living Skills

  • Meal preparation

  • House cleaning

  • Money Management

  • Learning personal identifying data, etc.

  • Laundry


Clinical Interventions at Jabulani Kids

  • DIR/Floortime (play and relationship-based)
  • Behavioral Techniques (e.g. visuals, checklists, reward systems)
  • Sensory Processing Techniques (sensory strategies to help a child who is sensory-avoidant or sensory-seeking; e.g. use of suspended equipment like swings; tactile mediums like bean pool, messy play; heavy work activities like exercise ball routines and Brain gym activities)
  • Neurodevelopmental Principles (changing ineffective movement patterns of a child with neurological challenges)
  • Constraint-Induced Therapy (increasing the use of an arm/hand with hemiplegia by constraining the dominant hand)
  • Social Skills Training (group participation facilitated by therapists)
  • Self-Care Skills Training (increasing a child’s independence with daily activities with adaptations/devices as needed)
  • Handwriting/Keyboarding Training (using developmentally-sequenced curriculum e.g. Learning Without Tears)
  • Therapeutic Activities (e.g. visual/perceptual skills training, eye-hand coordination, dexterity and bilateral integration)
  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Training Techniques (increasing a child’s skill with feeding and other oral activities)
  • Food-chaining Principles (progressing a picky eater child from minimal food preferences to an expanded diet)

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